Monday, June 14, 2010

First Annual Foot Pursuit 5K

All Photographs Courtesy of
Officer Jeff Dykehouse, SVPD 

The first annual SVPD Foot Pursuit 5K benefiting the Special Olympics was a great success.  We pleasantly exceeded our expectations with 148 entrants. Our goals were to raise money for Special Olympics and to create a fun and healthy event for people to enjoy.  We hope to learn from this event so we can make next years race even better.  This event would have never came to fruition without a lot of help from some very generous people.  Paula Bohte of Bohte Designs did an outstanding job with all the graphic design aspects, to include the fliers and t-shirt design.  Brad and Lisa Roland of Timeless Therapeutic Spa really went out of their way to make this event special.  We would also like to thank Les  Woods who provided race timing, DHS Technologies (DRASH Shelters) for providing the high-speed shelters, Air Evac,  Outback Steakhouse, Staples, M&M Cycling, Best Buy, Target, Safeway, Roto-Rooter, and Crown Trophy.  Donations totaled over $12,000!             
Air Evac, one of the title sponsors for event, landed one of their helicopters near the start.
A section of the course traversed a portion of the Garden Canyon Trail, which added a fun and interesting aspect to the race.
Timeless Therapeutic Day Spa, another big sponsor for the event, provided complimentary massages for all race participants.
The Special Olympics event consisted of a 1/2 mile course.  Here the Special Olympics Athletes are preparing for the start of their race.
Daniel Pizano, the only Special Olympics Athlete to compete in the 5K, did awesome.  His great attitude lifted the spirit of the event, as well as the spirits of the competitors, to a whole new level.
Paul Valentin put the hammer down in the last mile of the race, narrowly beating Jeff Gifford by five seconds to claim the title as the overall winner.
Briana McCloskey also won a hard-fought race, besting all other female (and most of the male) competitors.
Lori Esparza of US Border Patrol was the fastest female law enforcement competitor. 
Officer Alex Roy of the Sierra Vista Police Department was the fastest law enforcement officer.  Only four other racers were able to outrun him and can claim they "outran the cops" at the Foot Pursuit 5K. 

Not only was Briana McCloskey the fastest female finisher in the 5K, she was also the lucky
winner of the raffle grand prize - a ride on a Air Evac helicopter.


Here are additional photos that Jeff took. If you see a photo that you like you can click on it to enlarge it and then right-click-save it. If you require a high-resolution photo, email me and I can send you the photo in high-resolution.


  1. These images are fantastic! Great coverage of a fun day! Love the shots of the offroad section, that trail was so pretty I was hoping that a photographer had hid themselves somewhere along there, maybe next year they can do race portraits in that section of the course, before we are dead at the finish, lol! Thanks for sharing these, I'm gonna save some for my scrapbook!

  2. Awesome job by Sgt. Stompro putting this 5K together!